Share Your Ideas

We’d love your help in shaping the content of this book to make sure it is as useful as possible to our colleagues across the museum field.

In May more than 130 of you, from 12 different countries, took our survey and gave us your initial thoughts on what creativity means to you in your museum work. Now we are using that feedback to identify specific topics and concerns we need to ask you about in greater detail.

Over the next few months we will periodically seek your input on these issues through a series of questions posted on the News section of this site. Click the Follow button to the right to receive an email update every time we post a new question, or follow us on Twitter (@lindabnorris, @raineytisdale) if you prefer your updates in little blue bird form.

Lastly, we always welcome your Museums & Creative Practice suggestions and opinions, regardless of whether or not they relate to our Question du Jour, via email ( or or via the comments function below.


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