Coming Soon!


We’re thrilled to announce that our book, Creativity in Museum Practice, will be available from Left Coast Press this fall (or of course, you can pre-order now).  We’re deeply grateful to all of you who shared ideas, comments, completed our survey, talked with us at conferences or on Twitter or dove into peer reviewing.  We look forward to continuing lively conversations with each of you–but for now, thank you all!


7 thoughts on “Coming Soon!

  1. Hello,
    I’m really interested in purchasing this book. However, I live in the UK. Do you know if Left Coast Press ship to the UK?Or are there plans to have it for sale on amazon or other Europe based book companies? I’ve been following this blog and use creative practice in my own approach to working with museums in the UK, so the book would be really useful!

    • Hi Rachel– It will be for sale on Amazon, and I think they will ship to the UK, but let me check with Left Coast so I can provide more info for you. And thanks so much for your interest–can’t wait to hear about your work as well!


      • We got more information from our editor, Rachel.

        For hard copies, yes, there is a UK distributor, Eurospan Group ( The book isn’t up in their online bookstore yet but it should be soon. There are ways to get a hard copy in other parts of the world too, including in Australia through Footprint Books ( See this link to Left Coast Press’s website for more info:

        Lastly, the electronic version can be ordered from anywhere in the world through the Left Coast Press site (

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