Last Call for your Creative Practice


We continue to receive great stories from you about your creative practices–both individual and institutional.  I shared some of our thinking as the keynote speaker at last week’s Small Museum Association conference and asked participants for some stories–and I got, among others,  this great doodle by Lauren Silberman.  We’ve collected new stories about a morning drive-time inspiration, a silly idea that required creative persuasion up the management ladder, and from Sarah Brophy of the Green Museum, a need for a view of green growing things to inspire her most creative work.

But we’re still looking for more–and hope that this week you’ll take a minute to jot something down and send it along.  It can be a just couple sentences or a few paragraphs on how and where you find creative inspiration,  how you and your colleagues work together creatively (a report of a great brainstorming session, a solution found, or a great failure),  or how we work together creatively fieldwide.

We want our stories to represent the broad diversity of our field:  so science and technology museum folks,  those of you who are directors,  collections managers and in charge of facilities,  we’re particularly looking for stories from you.

Please submit stories by March 1,  to me at or Rainey at   Our colleagues–that’s you–continue to be a tremendous inspiration in our own creative book process. Thank you!


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