We ♥ Peer Reviewers

Jose Carlos Norte via Flickr

Jose Carlos Norte via Flickr

I know we’ve been a little quiet lately. It’s because we’re holed away, furiously working on the book manuscript, which is due to Left Coast Press on January 15. And because the deadline is fast approaching, we’re also starting to think seriously about the next step after that: peer review.

We’re working with Left Coast to identify some specific peer reviewers who represent different parts of the museum field, but we also thought we’d throw it out to you, our M&CPeeps, and see if any of you are interested in taking on the laborious but incredibly important task of reading and commenting on the manuscript. You’ve demonstrated your commitment to and curiosity about this topic by following our progress thus far; therefore we think you’d have some insightful feedback to strengthen the final result.

We’re looking for some colleagues to read the manuscript in its entirety, of course, but we’re also considering the possibility of having people comment on only one section of the book at a time, to make room for some reviewers who simply can’t commit to the whole thing. The sections are:

  • Theory: everything museum people need to know about the creativity research
  • Barriers: what’s stopping us from being creative and what we can do about it
  • Creative cultures, creative fields: issues like leading for creativity, hiring for creativity, and building field-wide infrastructure to support creative practice
  • Try This: no- to low-cost activities you can start today to ramp up your own–or your museum’s–creative practice

If you’re interested in participating in peer review, please email us at raineytisdale@gmail.com or linda@lindabnorris.com and let us know how much you’re willing to take on (the whole book or just a section, and if so, which section). From the responses we get we’ll narrow it down to a diverse and manageable group.


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